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Join our revolutionary fair-pricing platform dedicated to helping people discover and book amazing experiences. Raise brand awareness for your business and establish a new, consistent sales channel while protecting your bottom line. With birbl, both you and your customer win!

How does birbl work?

birbl works by building a community around an activity or an event and leveraging people's social networks to create a buzz around it. Your customers become your sales and marketing team!

Maximize capacity and increase revenues while protecting profitability. You control the lowest discounted price and the number of available open seats for any particular event/activity. birbl integrates with and supports your existing sales and marketing strategies and never cannibalizes your existing revenues; while also working well for your unsold inventory.

Customers love birbl because of our unique pricing model. The more people that participate in an activity, the greater the group discount.

Since everyone wins when more people join, your customers become your social marketing team with Tweets, Facebook Likes and +1’s. The live birbl widget increases the level of discount as each customer purchases according to your discount framework.

Customers are incentivized to share via social media networks to attract additional customers until the maximum level of discount, set by you, is reached. The final price is defined either at the cut off date or by reaching maximum capacity. All customers pay the same final price.

Partnership is free! birbl ensures a true win-win for you and your customers and is a perfect BUY-ocracy model designed to grow with you.

Contact us today to list as many activities or events as you wish and pay a low commission on sales made.

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