The sky is the limit

How birbl works

The Birbl Inspiration Wall
  1. Post a dream.
  2. Spread the word.
  3. Inspire us and together we will make it happen.
Birbl - save on doing what you love.
  1. Reserve an activity at the current price.
  2. Spread the word-the more that buy the lower the price.
  3. Pay the lowest price at the end of the sale.

Watch out for the - __ - on the dreams. Click on it to see your dream buy options.

Dream reality

We are just getting started - join in the fun!

Everyday our community-driven marketplace brings passionate and motivated people like you together to share your dreams, to talk, to plan and to then make your dreams come to life.
Use the comments section on the dream pages to discuss your plans, suggest a dream supplier, firm up dates, suggest locations and deal with logistics.
As your dream birbl grows you'll find that the cost of making it real drops before your very eyes.

How it works