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The birbl Inspiration Wall

  1. Post a dream.
  2. Spread the word
  3. Inspire us and we'll search high and low to make it happen.

birbl- save on doing what you love

  1. Reserve an activity at the current price.
  2. Spread the word-the more that buy the lower the price.
  3. Pay the lowest price at the end of the sale.

Frequently asked questions

What does birbl mean?

To birbl - To save on doing what you love by sharing the love.

What is birbl?

birbl is busy building an activity booking site with a twist. On our inspiration wall you can tell us what you would most love to do. With your help we are building a local-global community based on your interests and passions. In the meantime we're busy looking far and wide for great things to do to put on birbl. The birbl site will be a one stop shop for discovering great things to do and finding others to help get the very best value possible. We want you to save on doing what you love.

What is the birbl Inspiration wall?

A place where anyone can post what they would most love to do.

How do I post on the birbl Inspiration wall?

Simple, just fill in the form, use one of our images or post your own.

How does the birbl Inspiration wall work?

We're busy gathering great things to do around the globe. In the meantime tell us what you would most love to do by posting a dream on our inspiration wall. Tell others about it, inspire us and we'll search high and low to make it happen.

How do I save on birbl?

We sell activities at their lowest published price and when more people buy an activity the price drops, all in real time. We offer the best price around for our activities so there is no need to search the web for a better offer because we have it!

How does birbl work?

Our clever team came up with a system whereby the price of our activities drops as more people buy into them. Our activities start out at the lowest published price. As more people join the activity the price drops. When the offer closes the price at which the activity fell to is the price that everyone pays. So if the price falls below the price you paid, we will refund you the difference. The more people who buy in, the better for you so we encourage sharing.

Do I need to be part of a group?

No, you don't need to be part of a pre-existing group. An individual can buy into an activity and influence the price drop. We love sharing though so we encourage you to share your activity with friends. As more people buy in the price will fall for everyone.

What is an activity?

Everything and anything-eating out, health and fitness, travel, concerts, outdoor and indoor adventures, sports games, theatre, transfers, accommodation... there is no limit to what we can offer you... except trips to the moon... but we're working on it.

How many people can buy the activity?

That depends on the activity. Our partners decide how many people they want to include in their activity so this can change depending on the activity and their available capacity

What does the metre on the activity page tell me?

The birblometer is a real-time price guide. It will tell you what price the activity started at, what price the activity is currently selling at and what price the activity could drop to if the group fills.

How does the price of the activity fall?

Its simple-the bigger the group the lower the price!

If I buy an activity before anyone else-do I have to pay more money?

Of course not! The price of the activity will drop as more people buy it. Once the offer closes we will refund you the difference between what you initially paid and the final price. That's why we love sharing-the more people that buy in, the lower the price goes for everyone.

I want to join an activity on birbl-what do I do?

Find the activity you want to join and click the “Reserve now” price. Easy. Once your payment is processed we'll send you an email with details of your activity.

Do I have to do my activity straight away?

That depends. Each activity is different. Some will run on a specific day and some will allow you to book it within certain time periods. This information will be on the activity page and on the fine print of your voucher.

I've joined an activity-what now?

We've sent you a confirmation email with your activity voucher. Print this and take it along with you on the day of your activity.

The price I paid is higher than the final price-what happens now?

It's easy-we refund the difference back into your account. You can leave it there for your next purchase, put it back onto your credit card or donate some or all of it to our partner charity. The choice is yours!

Is there a limit to how many activities I can buy?

That depends on the activity.

Can I buy someone an activity as a gift?

Yes of course.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made securely with credit card.

What is your return policy?

This depends on the activity organiser. You can find all the details in the fine print section of every offer.

What happens if my activity is cancelled or the date changes?

We hope this never happens but if it does we'll give you a full refund for your activity.

Can I change the date of my activity?

You will find all the details of the return policy for each offer in the fine print section of each individual activity.

Can I use birbl on my mobile?

Yes, our mobile site is just like our regular site only smaller! We are working on the app which will be launched shortly.