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About birbl

We make it easier to do the things you love by harnessing the power of community. Birbl is a community-driven dynamic global marketplace that empowers you to drive the price of the experiences you desire, down. They may even be free!

Dynamic global marketplace

Life is precious. Together let's make it really exciting!

Post your dreams on birbl and find others who share your passion– once you have connected and inspired enough people, we'll help make your dream a reality!

Birbl. Share your dreams and watch as prices plummet!

Birbl. Helping you to make your dreams reality by harnessing community buying.

Birbl. Find others who share your passion.

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Weekend Trip? Summer Holiday? Book with birbl and benefit from group pricing on your get-away.

Fancy a football match on Saturday afternoon or a new gym membership? Find others with similar interests in your neighborhood and use birbl to join in the fun.

Been dying to see that new movie or theater show? Get insider discounts on birbl – watch your price drop as more people from the birbl community join you.

Ready for pampering or a new yoga class? birbl makes it easy to treat yourself.